New Membership Details:

There shall be the following categories of membership:

• Regular members
• Associate members
• Corporate partners/members
• Social members
• Non-Resident members
• Honorary members
• Life members
• Student members

Any member of the Club, as defined in the categories above who has changed his occupation during his membership can remain a member in that category until the expiry of his annual membership.

Eligibility for membership for each category is as follows:

1 Regular Members

Editorial and management staff of newspapers, magazines, radio, television and news agencies, in any medium of language, are eligible to be regular members. Regular membership is also open to media professionals of digital media organisations, news photo services and feature services. Others who are engaged or involved in media-related activities may also be considered for regular membership as the Management Committee deems appropriate.

Resident professional freelance journalists whose main income is derived from the above media activities may be considered at the sole discretion of the Management Committee.

Every member under this category must be resident in Singapore.

Taking into account the composition of the regular membership, the Management Committee may admit non-editorial staff of the above-mentioned media entities as regular members if it is of the view that these members can assist in promoting the Club’s objectives.

2 Associate Members

Those whose business or professional work is closely related with the media profession, such as public relations professionals and information officers in Government agencies may be admitted as Associate members.

Taking into account the composition of the associate membership, the Management Committee may admit ex-journalists, former media-related professionals and other non-media professionals as associate members, if it is of the view that these members can assist in promoting the Club’s objectives.

3 Corporate Partners/Members

A corporation may be invited by the Management Committee to be a Corporate Partner of the Club if the Management Committee deems that it can assist the Club in promoting its objectives.

A Corporate Partner is entitled to nominate any three of its employees to be Corporate Members on payment of the applicable fees. A valid corporate membership can be transferred at any time to another staff in the corporation with the approval of the Management Committee.

A Corporate Partner may nominate more than three Corporate Members from among its employees (“additional corporate members”) subject to the approval of the Management Committee and payment of the applicable fees.

A Corporate Partner that has not nominated any Corporate Member for a consecutive period of three years shall be deemed to have terminated its corporate partnership.

4 Social Members

The Management Committee may invite those who are not eligible for Regular, Associate or Corporate Membership but who, in the judgment of the Management Committee, are able to contribute to or promote the Club’s interests to become a Social Member subject to the payment of the applicable fees.

5 Non-Resident Members

Any club member leaving the country may, upon application in writing prior to their departure, be accorded Non-resident membership status and may have his membership fees waived for a maximum period of three (3) years. Upon proper notification to the Club, on their return such members shall revert to their original Club membership subject to their eligibility for the applicable membership category.

6 Honorary Members

The Management Committee may invite any person who has contributed exemplary services to the Club to become an Honorary member of the Club subject to unanimous vote of approval at a properly constituted Management Committee meeting. No membership fees shall be levied on Honorary Members.

7 Life Members

Any Regular or Associate Member who has been an active member for a continuous minimum period of eight (8) years may apply to be a Life Member subject to the approval of the Management Committee and payment of the prevailing fees. Such a Life Member must also continue to meet the criteria of Regular or Associate Membership (as the case may be) for a further consecutive period of five (5) years. If a Life Member changes his occupation and fails to meet the criteria of continuous Regular or Associate Membership within the first five (5) years of his Life membership, the Management Committee shall reserve the right to revoke his membership without compensation. Such revocation shall be at the sole discretion of the Management Committee.

The criteria set out above for Life Members will not apply to those who have been registered as Life members as at 1 April 2016, save for the immediate paragraph below.

In order to maintain the currency of the register of Life Members, the Management Committee shall from time to time, require Life Members to update their contact details. Life Members who remain not contactable for a consecutive period of two (2) years, shall have their membership revoked. The Management Committee may, subject to its sole discretion, consider appeals for reinstatement of Life membership and also impose administration charges.

8 Student Members

Students who are enrolled full-time in a degree or other certified programme at an accredited institution or university for journalism, mass communication, public relations or similar course may apply to become Student Members. All applications shall be accompanied by a letter from the school or a valid student card showing the expiry of the student status. Membership is subject to the approval of the Management Committee and the payment of the applicable fees, and is only valid for one year but renewable on proof of continued student status.

Upon graduation or discontinuation of study, former Student Members may apply to convert to Regular or Associate Members on proof that they meet the respective membership criteria.

The Club reserves the right to adopt additional membership categories as considered necessary and embark on any membership drive initiatives, implement incentives, including but not limited to varying membership fees or other privileges. This shall be at the Management Committee’s sole discretion.


Membership fees are payable at the following rates:

Joining Fees ( One Time )

Regular : $25 
Associate : $50 
Corporate Partner : $1,000
Social : $25

Annual Subscription Fees

Regular : $50 per annum
Associate : $150 per annum
Corporate Partner : One-time $1,000 and $200 per Corporate Member per annum and $250 for fourth and subsequent Corporate Member.
Social : $100 per annum
Non-Resident : Nil
Honorary : Nil
Life (Regular) : $600 one time
Life (Associate) : $1,500 one time
Student : $40 per annum

The membership fees may be varied from time to time by a properly-constituted General Meeting on the recommendation of the Management Committee.

At the discretion of the Management Committee, administration fees amounting to 20% of the applicable membership fees may be levied for reinstatement of memberships that have lapsed beyond three (3) months. Upon payment of such administration fees and membership dues, the membership shall be renewed until the next applicable anniversary of the membership.

Members in arrears for more than six (6) months shall have their names removed from the Register of Members and shall no longer enjoy the rights and privileges of membership.

The income and property of the Press Club, irrespective of when and how derived, shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Press Club as set forth in this Constitution. No portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or have been members of the Press Club or to any person claiming through any of them


Applications for all categories of membership must be proposed and seconded by two members of good standing, at least one of whom shall be a regular member.

The Management Committee shall establish a Membership Sub-committee that shall comprise at least three members of the Management Committee, one of whom shall be a Vice President and who shall chair this sub-committee.

All membership applications shall be reviewed by the Membership Sub-committee. All decisions of the Sub-Committee shall be tabled at a Management Committee meeting for endorsement.

The Management Committee, on the recommendation of the Membership sub-committee, shall have the absolute discretion to reclassify the status of any member as and when it sees fit, and specifically in the event that the change of occupation contemplated in Article 4.2) occurs, and its decision shall be final and conclusive.

Neither the Management Committee nor Membership Sub-Committee is obliged to offer reasons for rejected applications.

All new members shall be notified of the availability of the Club’s Constitution which is available at the website :


In the matter of voting only those regular, associate and corporate members whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall be entitled to attend and to vote at meetings. In the matter of holding of an elective office on the Management Committee, only regular and associate members may be eligible to be elected to hold office.

Social members may only participate in social, cultural and sporting events as determined by the Management Committee and shall be required to pay the prescribed fees of each event.

Honorary members may be invited by the Management Committee to hold advisory positions in the Club but shall not be eligible to vote at the Club’s general meetings.

Guests from other overseas press clubs, with reciprocal arrangements with this Club, are eligible to attend the Club’s events, upon verification by the Club’s Secretariat. Guests shall be required to pay the prescribed fees and charges for each events, if applicable.

Members shall observe all prevailing Club rules and by-laws and are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests on the Club events.


A member may resign his membership on one month’s notice, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary. Resignation shall not release a member from his obligations to the Club until all his dues are paid and his resignation accepted by the Membership Committee.


Any member is liable for expulsion from membership for misconduct, non-payment of dues and such other misdemeanour as the Management Committee may decide by a simple majority vote at a properly-constituted meeting.

The Management Committee may suspend a member during period of investigations.

Prior to expulsion, a member shall have the right to a hearing with the Management Committee within two (2) weeks of notification.

Charges shall be listed in the notice given to the member requesting him to appear before a meeting to discuss his expulsion.

Non-appearance of a member, charged with misconduct, at a meeting shall not prevent the Management Committee from discussing the charges in the absence of the offending member and from deciding on a vote of expulsion.

A member so expelled shall be notified, in writing, and the notice sent to him by registered post.