Dear member (and friends) of the Singapore Press Club,

The press club will be marking its 50th anniversary in two years’ time.

As part of our ongoing efforts to better engage and cater to the wide range of interests of our members, our management committee is embarking on a review of our activities in the coming months.

We have prepared a short survey – to members as well as potential members and non-members – to find out what they value about the club, what activities they would like to see more of, and how they feel the club should evolve to stay abreast of the rapidly changing media landscape.

Should we open up membership to digital news media and social media influencers? Should we consider a name change to better reflect the times?

We hope to get your views on these issues – and that you can spare us 5 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire.

– Survey for current members of SPC –

– Survey for non-members of SPC –

Best regards

The Secretariat

Singapore Press Club


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Protected: President’s Updates
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