Newsplex Asia is inviting Press Club members to take part in News App Challenge 2013 on Saturday, March 9. This novel competition is being held in Singapore for the very first time!

There will be free talks (9am-10am) on how to get started on creating a news app, which are open to the public, and a competition where teams of up to 6 persons with a diverse range of skill sets will engage in a brainstorm battle to create that perfect app.

Click here for details

Perhaps the Press Club might form a team? Check out the Club’s Facebook page to find those already seeking team mates with complementary skill sets or let people know if you’re keen to form a team! There’s already a post from a developer with an app idea seeking journalist, designer and business team mates – so what are you waiting for?

Good luck and have fun!


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Protected: President’s Updates
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