A 25-member delegation from the Singapore Press Club, led by Club President Patrick Daniel, visited Portugal recently.
The 10-day Goodwill Mission saw delegation members engaging in official meetings with government ministers, being briefed on Singapore-Portugal relations, and enjoying the sights and sounds of Portugal.
The two video clips below show delegation members meeting Portugal’s Economy and Maritime Affairs Minister, Mr Antonio Costa Silva in Lisbon, and being updated on operations at PSA Sines, a collaboration between PSA International and the Port of Sines.
(Videos filmed and edited by SPC delegation member Ms. Nazlene Zainal Alias)

Here's are some articles about Portugal written by delegation members after experiencing Portugal from the various business meetings and beautiful sights and sounds. 

Charting the way: Portugal’s ports go green and digital by Lau Joon-Nie (delegate and VP of Singapore Press Club) and Raju Chellam, published on 10 June 2023

Sidebar story: Start-ups soar in Portugal by Raju Chellam


Both stories appeared in The Straits Times - online and the newspaper.

The stories were published on 10 June 2023 - in commemoration of Portugal's National Day!!

Three stories by delegate Gerardine Donough-Tan on TTGmice, TTG Asia, and The New Eurasian (Magazine of the Eurasian Association, Singapore).

Here are the links to her stories:


Portugal redefines its tourism strategy for Asia.

https://www.ttgasia.com/2023/05/22/portugal-redefines-its-tourism-strategy-for-asia/ - published on 22 May 2023

PDF version of the Jul-Sep 2023 edition of the magazine. Gerardine's story is on Page 22. You also get to read other stories of the Eurasian community in Singapore.)


Discovering the Portuguese Soul by Reeta Raman. 

Singapore Press Club Facebook page.

Stories posted on LinkedIn accounts and social media by our delegates on the Goodwill Mission.

Lau Rong Zun:

Eva Singh:


Monica Alsagoff:


Contributed by Monica Alsagoff

Article published on the Silverstreak.sg platform on 15 December 2023

Contributed by Selena Oh:

Here's more about the Goodwill Mission 

The deep-water Port of Sines holds a strategic position in the Atlantic front, in the crossroads of important shipping routes. Singapore’s investment in the Port of Sines through PSA International since 2000 has contributed greatly to Portugal’s emergence in global logistics and in the world economy.

Visit to Startup Lisboa.

Startup Lisboa supports the creation of companies and their first years of activity. Founded in 2012 it is a private non-profit association that provides entrepreneurs with office space as well as a support structure - mentoring, strategic partnerships and perks, access to investment, networking activities and a community based on knowledge and sharing. More information on: https://www.startuplisboa.com/

Address: Hub Criativo do Beato, Av. Infante Dom Henrique 141, 1900-321 Lisboa

Contact Persons: Ms Clara Pais (Tel.: +351 910926584) and Mr. Miguel Ruas, Head of Public Relations (Tel.: +351 914161233)

A night out in Lisbon Old Town...

Tour to Belém, Medieval City of Sintra and Cabo da Roca   

Sintra was, in the 19th century, one of the first cradles of romantic architecture in Europe. Its unique climate and consequent nature attracted the gaze of those who, touched by the landscape, dared to retouch it with stunning architecture in Edenic harmony, conducive to the contemplation of Beauty and the Sublime.

It is in this picturesque setting that we find, just outside the historic centre of Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira. Conceived and built during the late 1800s, it reflects the sensitivity and cultural, philosophical and scientific interests of the principal owner, António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920), allied to the virtuosity of the Italian architect-set designer Luigi Manini (1848-1936). The culture and creativity of these two personalities resulted in an eclectic-revivalist architectural ensemble, with particular emphasis on the Manueline and Renaissance styles. Medieval and Classic.

Fado Museum Tour  and a night out at the Clube de Fado – Food & Fado Show

Fado is the folk music of Lisbon's rustic neighborhoods. Since the mid-1800s, it's been the Lisbon blues — mournfully beautiful and haunting ballads about lost sailors, broken hearts, and bittersweet romance. Fado means "fate" — how fate deals with Portugal's adventurers...and the families they leave behind.

Get more about the Fado story "Discovering the Portuguese Soul by Reeta Raman" from this link

Visit to Pena Palace

Sunset at Cabo da Roca (the most Western point in mainland Europe), great views and a windy experience.

Tasting the original Portuguese egg tart or Pastel de Nata at Pastels de Belem 

On the barge “Amor ao Ofício”, for a tour along the coast of Sesimbra sponsored by the Municipality of Sesimbra.

Lunch in seafront restaurant, with Sesimbra fish. Dining with Municipality of Sesimbra representatives

Visit to Berardo Estremoz Museum

The Berardo Estremoz Museum is a joint initiative of the Berardo Collection and the Municipality of Estremoz. This museological equipment presents what is considered the largest and most important private collection of tiles in Portugal. The Berardo Estremoz Museum tells the stories and history of the last eight centuries of tile making, through the inaugural exhibition entitled “800 Years of the History of Tiles”

Wine tasting and dinner at Quinta do Carmo

The Quinta Carmo is a Portuguese estate, independent and family owned that embraces wholeheartedly the concept of hospitality in a contest of comfort with nature, right in the heart of the SiZaid Abdali, our Collection Administrator, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for taking the time to join us during your press trip. We appreciate your interest in our cultural work that encomasses the world of Art, Wine and Nature.lver Coast of Portugal.

 Zaid Abdali, the Museum's Collection Administrator, took the delegation on a guided tour showing the interesting Portuguese cultural work that encompasses the world of Art, Wine and Nature.

At the Municipality of Evora Townhall, Mayor Carlos Manuel Rodrigues Pinto de Sá greeted the delegation,  followed by a short presentation and a walking tour of Évora.

Évora, the favourite destination of Portuguese Kings and UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Évora was the favourite destination of Portuguese Kings to take refuge from the city living, to simply relax and unwind. Built during the Roman times and once the Capital of Portugal, Evora hides history in every corner of its historic centre that seems to look the same for centuries. For this reason and many others, the Historic Centre of Évora is recognized as a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO, since 1986. We discovered and experienced why Évora is called the City-Museum.

Visit to the University of Évora

The Portuguese Press Association interviewing Singapore Press Club President Mr. Patrick Daniel.

Mr. João Palmeiro, President of the Portuguese Press Association presented key highlights of the exhibition held at the University of Évora. 

The Centennial Newspapers from Brazil and Portugal: a Cultural Legacy Exhibition at Alcáçovas, Portugal

A rare collection of 58 centennial periodicals from Portugal and Brazil that have been published uninterruptedly since 1835 and 1825 respectively, and which testify the history of journalism, press and the Portuguese language as well as the cross -evolution of the two countries in the context of political, ideological, social, economic, cultural and scientific formation of the world from the 19th century to the present day.

The lady chef Andreia of Cafe Restuarant  Esperanca - Alcacovas treated us to a very delicious spread of local cuisine and desserts

The Medieval Town of Óbidos

The delegation was greeted by Mayor of Óbidos, Mr. Filipe Miguel Alves Correia Daniel. We were then guided by Dr. Carlos Coutinho, head of the Sub-Division of the services of culture and tourism of the Municipality of Óbidos to a tour of the medieval town. Hailed as one of the prettiest places in Portugal, Óbidos is a medieval town encircled by fortified walls. Known as the Wedding Present Town (due to the fact that Portuguese kings often gave Óbidos to their wives as part of their dowry), the town boasts a cluster of Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque churches.

Walking tour in Coimbra Old Town, including the University of Coimbra

Portuguese universities and research centres have been at the forefront of the country’s recent transformations, attracting a growing number of foreign students (including many Singaporeans). The University of Coimbra is among the oldest universities in the world and the oldest one in Portugal.


The highlights in Porto: architecture, food, and wine. Porto has an interesting mix of architecture. You'll find everything from Neoclassical buildings and train stations from the 1800s to Romanesque cathedrals to Art Nouveau cafes, plus many other styles in between.

The Ribeira is located along the Douro riverfront in Porto, and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. It's filled with narrow medieval streets and colorful buildings and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Visit to WOW-World of Wine

Cluster of museums, restaurants & bars in cellars, telling the story of Porto's port wine industry.

Douro Valley Wine TourQuinta da Pacheca  

The Douro Valley was the first demarcated wine region in the world (1756) and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition to some of the country’s finest wines, it is home to beautiful natural landscapes and viewpoints.

Wine Tasting at Taylor’s (one of the biggest and best producer of Port wine with a presence in Singapore)

Visit to Serralves Foundation

The Serralves Foundation includes a Contemporary Art Museum, a Park, and a Villa, each one an example of contemporary architecture, Modernism and Art Deco architecture. The Museum, designed by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, is one of the most relevant in the contemporary art museum circuit in Europe.


Meeting with the Commercial Association of Porto (Palácio da Bolsa)

Gastronmic Tour of Lisbon Old Town by Tuk Tuk ....the final day


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Protected: President’s Updates
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