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Looking around for good courses that could be offered free or discounted for members to explore and learn, we came across General Assembly. This organisation is offering Free Fridays. Every week through June, join peers from around the world to experience their most popular workshops (ranging from $60 to $200 USD in value) — for free.* From coding, to data and marketing, to UX design and career development, explore the tech skills that will keep you in demand and in the know.

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Career Development


UX Design

*Note: The above programmes are stated as Free. Any Friday workshops that are listed with a price on generalassemb.ly are not included in the Free Fridays promotion.

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Knowledge Webinar: The Power of Robotics to Benefit Mankind – During and After Covid19

With COVID-19 ravaging countries around the world, robots have taken a prominent role in the fight against the virus. This was not the case years ago when the robot industry was in its infancy. 

Join our SPC Knowledge Webinar, brought to you by SoftBank Robotics Singapore and their partners, as they discuss the role of robots in a world facing a pandemic. 

Date: 11 Jun 2020, Thursday 

Time: 11am to 12pm 

Format: Presentation, Panel Discussion and Q&A

Sign up through this ClickMeeting link: https://waniframfp.clickmeeting.com/spc-knowledge-webinar-the-power-of-robotics-to-benefit-mankind-during-after-covid19/register

More details at SPC Knowledge Webinar_SBR_11June2020-2

Offline to Online Business Course [Self-paced] – 40% off course fees

Designed for Freelancers & SME Business Owners to build a website in one day and launch an online business during the COVID-19 period. 
More information and to sign up click this link
Members enjoy a special code to take 40% off the online self-paced course fees (about SGD97).  Check your member email for the code. 
About the course  

A specially designed course for those who would not consider themselves ‘tech savvy’ or ‘technical’

Yes, can do it yourself and Daylon will walk you through step by step over a few hours. No experience or technical skills needed. You also do not need to hire anyone outside your company to maintain the website for you right after the course.

As long as you are willing to learn and are commited to building or growing your online revenue stream, this course could help you. As part of online learning, all course participants will get 1-year access to a private Facebook group for peer support and Q&A with the instructor.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have a working mobile-optimised website via Squarespace or Wix with at least one or more of your products and services for sale. No additional software needed, just pay for your own hosting and domain fees.
  • A clear value proposition of what your business does and why someone should buy from you on the home page using copywriting frameworks they do not teach in marketing schools.
  • Learn simple ways to optimise your website to turn more visitors into paying customers using a test and learn approach using Hotjar (free).
  • Learn how to get your visitors/customers coming back and grow your online business sustainably through the basic principles of habit design and inbound marketing.
  • Get your first few customers via your email list and social network.
  • Tips to stay top of mind with your existing and prospective customers.
  • Options to sell your product/service to the world even without a website. Including setting-up your own free Stripe and PayPal account to take one-time or recurring credit card transactions.
  • Set-up automated calendar bookings for your consultations. Have the ability to get paid for these consultations.

About instructor Daylon Soh

With more than 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design and marketing, Daylon Soh has worked with organisations across different industries and scale including a 2.5-year stint launching his own eCommerce venture as a design and marketing lead.


He was previously Razer’s Global eCommerce Architect for the online shopping experience part of a team responsible for driving global direct eCommerce sales. 

Daylon has taught UX and digital marketing part-time at leading digital skills school General Assembly. He currently consults with enterprises and mentors startups in UX Design and Product Management via WeWork Labs and also teaches at Republic Polytechnic and private schools in Singapore, Malaysia and Portugal.


Enjoy the self pace learning journey.

Webinar by ISEAS on COVID-19 and the Islamic Umma in Indonesia

If you are interested to find out how the Covid-19 outbreak impacted Indonesia and the Muslims in the country, you can sign up for this Webinar organised by ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute.
COVID-19 and the Islamic Umma in Indonesia 
Date : Thursday, 21 May 2020 
Time : 10.30 am – 12.00 pm 


This webinar will be delivered online entirely. You can join the webinar at the specified date and time using devices (computer, phone, or tablet) with internet connection.

Please register here with this link https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vL64sCmAT3issdyX4_oHgw   

Upon registration, you will receive your unique link for joining the webinar.

Limited spaces only, register early to avoid disappointment.

To join the webinar,
1. Install the Zoom client onto your computer or download the app on your mobile device.
2. Set up a Zoom account, using the following link: https://zoom.us/signup
3. Click on the unique link in your email.

About the Webinar 
The COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia has significantly impacted the Muslims in the country. Although some are quick to learn and adapt to this new normal, others continue to dismiss the extent of the problem. Some observers argue that religion has impeded the community’s efforts to deal with the pandemic. In fact, some religious groups have been accused of worsening the situation: by organizing big gatherings; spreading fatalistic arguments; and opposing the government’s efforts. One of the groups blamed is the Tablighi Jamaat, regarded as the “largest viral vector of COVID-19.” Derogatory terms “Tablighi virus” and “Corona Jihad” have been applied to the group. The Tablighi Jamaat’s response was believed to not only block necessary efforts to deal with the virus, but also created religiophobia. 
To be sure, COVID-19 has triggered diverse reactions from the Islamic Umma in Indonesia, ranging from passive and fatalistic responses, which extends to spreading conspiracy theories, to positive ones by being prepared to work hand in hand with the government to mitigate the pandemic and saving lives. Responses from Muhammadiyah, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Ahmadiyah, and Tablighi Jamaat demonstrate this spectrum. To illustrate, the two largest Muslim organizations in Indonesia Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah focus on improving their capacity through programs, such as providing health and social services as well as aid for the needy, to fight against the impact of COVID-19. In addition, prominent religious elites such as Ustaz Abdul Somad, Muhammad Quraish Shihab, and other ulama or kyai also demonstrate these diverse reactions. 
This webinar discusses the different responses of the Muslim community in Indonesia to COVID-19. It also examines how these responses interacted with the government’s efforts to tackle the issue. Here, the religious community’s response would not be effective with strong state backing or capacity. 
Lastly, the webinar speculates how this new normal will impact the Muslim ummah in future. Is this a new opportunity for the community to unite, or will this lead to a more regressive orientation to prevail? 
About the Speakers 
Ahmad Najib Burhani is Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and Senior Researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Jakarta. He received his PhD in Religious Studies from the University of California-Santa Barbara, USA in 2013. He was a recipient of the Professor Charles Wendell Memorial Award from UCSB for his academic achievements in the field of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. His recent publications include Menemani Minoritas (2019), Dilema Minoritas di Indonesia (2020), Heresy and Politics: How Indonesian Islam Deals with Extremism, Pluralism, and Populism (2020), “Torn between Muhammadiyah and Ahmadiyah in Indonesia: Discussing Erfaan Dahlan’s religious affiliation and self-exile,” Indonesia and the Malay World (2020), and “Muslim Televangelists in the Making: Conversion Narratives and the Construction of Religious Authority,” The Muslim World (2020).  
Syafiq Hasyim is Visiting Fellow at ISEAS – Yusok Ishak Institute. He is also a lecturer and director of the Library and Cultural Center at International Indonesian Islamic University (UIII), a newly established state international university in Indonesia. He obtained MA in Islamic Studies from Leiden University and PhD in Islamic Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies from Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, Freie Universitaet, Berlin. His latest publications include “Fatwa and Democracy: Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI, Council of Indonesia Ulama) and the Rising Conservatism of Indonesian Islam,” published in TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia, 2019, “The Secular and the Religious: Secularization and Shariatisation in Indonesia,” in Religion, Secularism and Democracy in Southeast Asia (Oxford University Press, 2019), edited by Prof. Vidhu Verma, and “Religious Pluralism Revisited: Discursive Patterns of the Ulama Fatwa in Indonesia and Malaysia”, published in Studia Islamika, Vol 26, No. 3 (2019).  
Enjoy another week of Webinars and Training recommended to you by Singapore Press Club. Please continue to Stay Safe and Healthy.

Free course preview – How to boost your brand via Wechat and Tik Tok

A Free 2 hours course preview Webinar – How to boost your brand via Wechat and Tik Tok

Date: 13 May 2020, Wednesday

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

Click this link to Register: shorturl.at/joJRV
Course delivery mode: Online (Invitation link will be shared after you sign up)

Deadline for sign up: Monday, 11 May 2020, 5pm

The Programme

930am-1025am : Connect to China Market through WeChat

The China Chinese are ready to enjoy their lives with vengeance from the release of tension of Covid-19 quarantine. But is your business ready for the next Chinese wave? If you already have a strong interest for China, you might know the answer already: WeChat. But to a lot of people living outside China, the name of the ubiquitous messaging application might be very unfamiliar.
This session will provide some information about WeChat, the biggest phenomenon on the Chinese market, and see how you can leverage it to promote your own business to over 1.2 billion WeChat active users worldwide including over 1.2 million new immigrants in Singapore (as of 2018 ).
You will discover:
How to instantly get connected thru WeChat
How to allow WeChat users find you
How to build your brand and marketing strategy
How can WeChat Official Account and WeChat Pay help your brand
Case Studies
Warren Teh is a WeChat Marketing Trainer, Certified ACTA Trainer, People’s Association Trainer and a Serial Entrepreneur who has established 6 companies across various industries (Telco system integration, ecommerce, social media and other service-related businesses, limousine service, clearing services, F&B.
1030am-1130am: Establish Your Brand Via TikTok

TikTok, launched by Chinese company ByteDance in 2016, has been described as a mashup of Vine, Twitter and Instagram, allowing its 500 million monthly users world-wide to create short-form, music-focused videos and edit them with lenses, filters, and AR features.

TikTok has a younger clientele than other social media platforms. If you can create videos that appeal to the demographics on TikTok, it could be a valuable marketing tool for your business. TikTok is billed as a social media platform where you show your real side.
In Q2 2019, as the hottest social platform, TikTok became the world’s most downloaded IOS application, surpassing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WeChat. Currently in the stage of rapid growth, TikTok is the highest traffic generator on mobile social media platform, it is 1 of the most effective short video marketing platform to build a brand in China but also the most critical tool to promote branding in ASEAN countries.

Why TikTok
· One of the fastest-growing apps on the global market
· Tap into the younger clientele world-wide
· Save cost, enjoy organic advertising techniques to show off your products or services.
· New and independent social media platform which can create its owned community
You will discover:
· The market opportunity of Tik Tok
· Key features of Tik Tok KOL (key opinion leader)
· Tik Tok account operation
· Revenue model
· Case Studies
Aaron is an active Chinese media advocate. He has over 5 years of sales and marketing experience handling sales at Greater China region for both American and Chinese MNCs. During those stints, he spearheaded and executed Chinese social media marketing strategies. Inspired by increasing attention to Douyin/Tik Tok, Aaron now dedicates his professional life to share his knowledge with others on how to utilise Douyin/Tik Tok to boost brand awareness.

SPC Circular: Webinar on “Indonesia’s Public Health Issues and Challenges During the COVID-19 Epidemic” (Tues, 12 May 2pm – 3.30 pm)

Dear Members,

If you are interested to find out more about the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia, ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, Indonesia Studies Programme is organising a Webinar that you are welcome to sign up.

Indonesia’s Public Health Issues and Challenges During the
COVID-19 Epidemic

Date: Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Time: 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

About the Webinar

The COVID-19 response in Indonesia has been marked by poor policy response and coordination. Initially, the government denied the existence of the virus in the country. A lack of preparedness, worsened by underestimation from the authorities about the seriousness of the pandemic, has contributed to rapid increase in the number of people infected and fatalities due to the new coronavirus.

To date, Indonesia has recorded the highest fatality rate due to COVID-19 in the region, with 8% of fatalities relative to the number of confirmed cases. This figure is also significantly underestimated as the official data does not include deaths of patients suspected to have coronavirus but have yet to be tested. This fact indicates the weakness and extremely limited capacity of the public health infrastructure of the country.

This webinar will provide an update on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia and will discuss some of the key policies issues and challenges to strengthen Indonesia’s public health infrastructure capacity.

About the Speaker  

Pandu Riono is MD, MPH, Ph.D., an epidemiologist from Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia. His research interests are in statistics, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. He got his medical doctor degree from the University of Indonesia and received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.   

About the ISEAS Webinar

As a leading research institute on the study of Southeast Asia, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute is committed to stimulate research and debate within scholarly circles and to enhance public awareness of the region.

While the evolving COVID-19 situation has made it a challenge for speakers and participants to attend our events at ISEAS, we hope that the use of digitalisation tool such as Zoom Webinar will enable us to reach out to our existing and new audiences.

This webinar will be delivered online entirely. You can join the webinar at the specified date and time using devices (computer, phone, or tablet) with internet connection.

If you are interested to attend, please register here (https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Xbf6pbsLQuqzydV858NYVQ)to receive your unique link for joining the webinar. Limited spaces only, register early to avoid disappointment.

To join the webinar,
1. Install the Zoom client onto your computer or download the app on your mobile device.
2. Set up a Zoom account, using the following link: https://zoom.us/signup
3. Click on the unique link in your email.

For the best experience, please mute your microphone. If you have questions for the speaker, please key in your questions via the Q&A, stating your name and affiliation. The moderator will field them to the speaker during the Q&A session.