Even the greatest, most innovative product ideas would not get far without buy-in and funding. In fostering stakeholder support, communicating your ideas will require much more than just clean grammar and a good report structure. To write a winning product proposal you will need to present a strong first impression and a compelling argument that convinces stakeholders that your proposed product idea will appeal to its intended audiences and serve their needs, while achieving business goals and being financially sustainable.

This means understanding the current context and situation, defining the problem in terms that your endorser, approver or funder can relate to, and articulating how and why your solution fulfils a market need.  It also entails showing that your implementation will connect the dots between editorial, audience, business, technology and strategy, and must highlight your commitment to measurement and meeting KPIs. And all these must be done within a budget!

Media veteran and impact trainer, Paula Fray, Founder & CEO of frayintermedia, will lead this webinar. Paula will share how media professionals can write a compelling product proposal complete with a budget, deliverables, sustainability assessment and risk management evaluation.

Webinar details:
Date: 29 June 2021
Time: 2pm to 3pm (SGT)
Platform: Online

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Paula Fray
Founder & CEO

Paula Fray has worked in media for more than three decades as a journalist, editor, trainer and media manager. Paula was the first female editor of the Saturday Star newspaper in South Africa. She is currently the managing director of the pan-African media training organisation frayintermedia, which she founded in 2005. The organisation has trained journalists, media leaders, civil society organisations, government officials and corporate leaders during its decade-long existence. She is a trustee of Media Monitoring Africa and IRIN independent news agency. She is a Print and Digital Media SA fellow and a public representative on the Press Council of South Africa. Paula graduated with a BJourn degree from Rhodes University and has a Woman and Law Certificate from UNISA. A recipient of the prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, she is a former member of the Nieman Foundation Advisory Board at Harvard.


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