Some 20 SPC members and their guests joined a wine tasting session of Israeli wines on Zoom by Bin-Nun Winery in Israel on 19 July

Through live streaming, we were taken on a tour of the ancient vineyards, by wine makers Edward Gandler and Dr Dan Yaniv, in the Judaean Hills, the same site where King Soloman’s vines used to be. We captured glimpses of ancient winery presses and learnt about the history of wine making in this area from 1000BC. The region is associated with a unique microclimate including a cold funnel from the valley, with cold winds at night even during the summer. This helps with the grape ripening and the extraction of minerals from the vineyard ground which is loaded with limestone. The combination of factors accentuates the flavors and aromas in the grapes.

Prior to the Zoom live stream, also attended by wine afficionados and sommeliers, packs of five mini 60-ml bottles of wine were delivered to the members, comprising

  • Bin Nun Estate Rose 2020
  • Bin Nun – Special Edition 2018 (Green)
  • Bin Nun Barrel Reserve CUVEE 2018 (Black)
  • Bin Nun 2017 Deep Purple
  • Bin Nun – Reserve 2018

Of these, the 2017 Deep Purple  made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes and  aged for 18 months ,and the Special Edition 2018 (Green) , made from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 20% Petite Syrah and aged for 15 months, elicited the most enthusiastic buzz among our members.

  • ‘It has tobacco-y and leather notes of a well-aged Chateauneuf du Pape’….J Choo
  • ‘The sweetness of Deep Purple is delightful! Unique’….John Arulnathan
  • ‘Lots of character and personality’….Lau Joon-Nie
  • ‘My favourite – the special edition 2018 (green) - elegant and enjoyably palatable’…..Selena Oh
  • ‘The special edition is amazing’…Tan Bee Leng


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Protected: President’s Updates
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