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The Singapore Press Club held its 48th Annual General Meeting on April 23, 2019. The following members were elected to the Management Committee for 2019-2021:

President: Patrick Daniel (re-elected)

Vice-Presidents: Bhagman Singh (re-elected)
Syed Zakir Hussain
Lau Joon-Nie (re-elected)

Honorary Secretary: V.K. Santosh Kumar (re-elected)
Asst Honorary Secretary: Carol Foo

Honorary Treasurer: Jerry Siah
Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Elsie Chua

Committee Members:  Janet Wee-Ng (re-elected)
Thomas Benner (re-elected)
Tony Mallek (re-elected)
Yeo Sam Jo (re-elected)
Sally Clarke (re-elected)
Yu Poh Leng
Roshni Bernadette

Honorary Legal Adviser: Angeline Joyce Lee (re-appointed)
Honorary Assistant Legal Adviser: Chung Siqi

Auditor: Baker Tilly LLP (re-appointed)

Patrick, who was re-elected for a 11th term as President, noted that the Club did well last year and organised 54 events across a wide range of interests. He said the Management Committee held a strategy retreat to review the Club’s programmes as well as its mission, vision and values. Following the exercise, which included an online survey, the Club plans to embark on fresh programmes and also strengthen its secretariat to handle the increased activities. He added that the Club continues to be financially strong and the incoming committee will look at ways to make meaningful use of the Club’s resources. 


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Protected: President’s Updates

Protected: President’s Updates
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