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You can attend this Singapore Corporate Counsel Association event if you are interested.
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Sharked by Corporate Insolvency- SWIM OR SINK!
14th October 2016 – 4.00PM – 6.00PM
Brought to you by SCCA and Clyde & Co – Refreshments & Drinks afterwards
Venue: 12 Marina Boulevard, #30-03, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, 018982

In the recent months, the region has seen a spate of insolvencies and restructurings, particularly in the marine and offshore construction sectors.

Following the collapse of OW Bunkers last year, companies such as Swiber Holdings and Hanjin Shipping, once titans of their respective industries, have fallen victim to the global economic slowdown and poor demand for their services.  And it appears that more will follow. Marco Polo and Rickmers Maritime Trust have all announced restructuring efforts.

In these uncertain times, it is important for businesses to be aware of their legal position when faced with insolvency risks. SCCA brings you a panel of speakers who are masters in their own field and have intense knowledge to address questions from the audiences.

Join us as we discuss:-
·       The various types of insolvency and restructuring proceedings.
·       What should a business do when faced with a counterparty’s insolvency?
·       Cross-border insolvency issues e.g. Recognition of foreign insolvency and restructuring proceedings
·       Case study: The Swiber Holdings judicial management
·       Case study: The Hanjin Shipping rehabilitation

Target audience: Corporate counsel, business owners, shipping firms & traders

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Protected: President’s Updates

Protected: President’s Updates
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