Exclusive Press Club Guided Art Tour


Qing Ming Shang He Tu (清明上河图): A Moving Masterpiece @ Singapore EXPO

Date: Saturday, 4th February 2012
Time: 4.00 pm
Place: Singapore EXPO

*Meet at Hall 3 (Towards the left, near the Exit of the F&B section).

Seize the rare opportunity to visit the above exhibition at Singapore EXPO.

Qing Ming Shang He Tu (Along the River During the Qingming Festival) is an original painting by the Song dynasty artist Zhang Ze Duan. Depicting life in the capital Bianjing, now Kaifeng in Henan Province of China, the painting is drawn to geometric accuracy in minute detail on a 5.28 metre scroll.

Zhang Ze Duan, a Chinese imperial court artist, captured daily life from all strata of society, from rural to urban areas. His masterpiece Qing Ming Shang He Tu showcases the best of life during the Song Dynasty – one of China’s golden ages.

For the first international exhibition of Qing Ming Shang He Tu, three viewing halls serve to provide an enriching, educational and interactive journey.
Your introduction to life during the Song Dynasty life begins in the Pre-Show Hall. Learn about the achievement s of the Song Dynasty – one of China’s golden ages, and how Bianjing grew into a vibrant city.

In the Main Hall, the spectacular masterpiece is magnified 30 times its original size, immersing you in 128m x 6.5m of living art. Witness the amazing animation of 1,068 characters in the painting as they go about their daily life, bringing the Qing Ming Shang He Tu to life.

At the Post-Show Hall, you’ll be able to sample food and beverages reminiscent of that era. And if you would like to take home a piece of Song Dynasty history, don’t miss out on a variety of limited-edition merchandise and a special themed setting for photography, where you can capture a moment in time.

The tour is free-of-charge for Press Club members. Guests at $10 per head (usual price $20). To register, please email: secretariat@pressclub.org.sg by Thursday 2nd February 2012 giving name, membership number, validity of membership and current occupation. Your guests are welcome but kindly register in advance giving their names.


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