Dear Members

You are invited to view a private collection of works by one of Singapore’s pioneer artists – Chen Wen Hsi 陈文希.

Hailed as the forefather of our Nanyang art movement, the Guangdong-born artist migrated here in 1948.

He earned local and international acclaim for his avant-garde Chinese paintings.

Fun Fact:

If you have a S$50 with you, do check out his “Two Gibbons Amidst Vines” on the back of the note!

Gibbons aren’t featured in this latest exhibition, but you can enjoy his unique depictions of birds, lotus, prawns and carps instead.

Participants will be hosted by The Private Museum and collectors Johnny Quek and Jennifer Lewis

Date: 14 September 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30am

Place: The Private Museum

Place: The Private Museum (

Please email the following into to by 10th September (Tuesday):

Name, Occupation & Organisation (if applicable), Press Club Number, HP Number, No. of People

Background Article:

Have a creative week!

Warm Regards

Carol Foo


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Protected: President’s Updates
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