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PR Newswire is calling journalists and professionals from the media industry in Singapore to fill out a survey (attached) that delves into Asia-Pacific journalists’ working status and habits which will provide valuable insights for brands to engage more effectively with you. You might even win an iPad air!

The Singapore Press Club is a partner in this survey and will publish the results.

PR Newswire is also offering a free service – PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ) – exclusive to journalists/reporters and editors. You will receive press releases related to your beats as well as gain access to high-resolution photos, media-only material and embargo releases. Media contacts are also included at the end of the press releases distributed by PR Newswire. Additionally, you will have access to “ProfNet”, an online portal allowing you to reach out to industry experts to obtain quotes or opinions for articles that you are working on. It is also a good platform to network with PR professionals, other members of the media community and those in academia.

You can sign up for PRNJ via this URL:

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Protected: President’s Updates
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