Dear Member

The United States Embassy in Singapore is inviting Singapore Press Club members to tour the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Date: Tuesday, April 3
Time: 1.50pm, however, everyone must arrive no later than 1.15pm.

The embassy can accommodate a total of 15 of our members for this tour, which will include other press as well.

The first 15 members to submit this form with their information will fill the 15 slots available. Please send the form no later than COB Wednesday, March 28. Once the embassy has the information about our 15 members, it will send another e-mail including the exact address and more details.

Please note that this ship tour is not for press coverage, but rather an opportunity to see the aircraft carrier up close. Photography is allowed but no interviews.  If members would like to carry SLR cameras, lens, etc, you will need to send the serial numbers for each piece and the data card numbers to the embassy, which will provide it to MINDEF.  Mobile phones and point-and-shoot cameras are not an issue and you are encouraged to take that route as it saves time during the security-clearance process.

Best regards

The Secretariat

Singapore Press Club


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Protected: President’s Updates

Protected: President’s Updates
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