Singapore Press Club – Diplomats Golf Challenge 2019 (Game 1)

Held at Laguna National Golf & Country Club, Friday 18 January 2019

At the first challenge game held at Laguna National Golf & Country Club, it started off in pouring rain but everybody stood by, waited and we managed to finish in time for a good lunch networking session at The Nest hosted by the Diplomatic Corp. In good spirits, the Diplomatic corp gave SPC golfers a good fight. Result was 2 (SPC) to 1 (Diplomats), SPC won.

Who’s who in the Group Pictures:

Diplomatic corp players: HE Ngurah Swajaya (Indonesia), HE Dr. Ulrich A. Sante (Germany), HE Eric Niclas Kvarnström (Sweden), HE James Sinclair Manley (Chile), H.E Ahn Young-jip (Korea), H.E. Dato’ Zainol Rahim Zainuddin (Malaysia)

Singapore Press Club players: Patrick Daniel (President), Janet Wee (Golf Convenor), Dicky Goh (VP), Ven Sreenivasan (SPH), Adli Yashir Kuchit (SPH), Salma Khalik (SPH), Amy Ho (SPH), Spencer Robinson (Golfers Pen), Adeline Teo, Sivam Kumar.

Attached pictures