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The rise of fake news has become a pressing danger to modern societies. From deliberate hoaxes created to cause mischief or make money to media outlets re-circulating unverified or erroneous content, the misinformation ecosystem can take on many different faces. Often, people may not even know they are being exposed to questionable facts.

The Straits Times and Wan-Ifra are organising an event on fact-checking which will be held at the new SMU Law School on June 19 and 20.

This timely two-day event will bring together policymakers, industry players and other stakeholders to explore concrete initiatives in Asia to fight the spread of misinformation.
Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs & Law, will give the opening address.

Ticket price: $125
Special price for Singapore Press Club members: $100
Registration will start soon.
You can reserve your tickets by e-mailing Wilson Leong |
Please mention your name and membership number.
More details to follow soon.

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