Singapore Press Club announced its 2023 journalism and PR award winners.

15 individuals were also inducted into the Singapore Media Industry Hall of Fame.


Seven winners of the Singapore Press Club Awards 2023 were announced at the Club’s 51st Anniversary Press Ball held on 15 July 2023. Guest of Honour Dr. Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, presented the awards and certificates to the winners.

The awards, launched last year in conjunction with the Club’s 50th anniversary, aim to recognise journalists and other media-related professionals who have excelled in their craft and whose work made an impact.

With the support of returning sponsors - presenting sponsor Citibank Singapore, and Sustainability Journalism Award title sponsor City Developments Limited (CDL) - the awards aim to shine a spotlight on deserving media professionals by recognizing their contributions across three categories - Rising Stars, Sustainability Journalism, and Hall of Fame.

New to this year’s Rising Stars awards is the Young PR Professional Awards, supported by title sponsor Telum Media.

Each winner received an award and a 2-night stay inclusive of breakfast for two worth $1,000 at their choice of hotel, sponsored by Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

The Singapore Press Club also inducted 15 more media veterans into its Singapore Media Industry Hall of Fame that recognises the outstanding and lasting contributions of media professionals in Singapore. The Hall of Fame was launched last year with 50 inductees in the Club’s 50th year.

Singapore Press Club Rising Stars - Young Journalist Awards

Winners of the Young Journalist Awards are recognised for their excellent storytelling and impactful journalism.

Two winners were presented with the awards.

Danson Cheong Jingfu, Assistant ST Now editor, The Straits Times, SPH Media

Danson has been with The Straits Times (ST) since 2014 and was an ST China correspondent based in Beijing. He was among the many journalists who covered the Communist Party Congress in October 2022. Halfway through the closely choreographed closing ceremony of the twice-a-decade congress, China’s ex-president Hu Jintao was mysteriously escorted from his seat next to President Xi Jinping.

Danson was quick to appreciate the news value of the unfolding event. He recorded and tweeted out a short video clip, which went viral, getting over 12 million views on Twitter and scooping the international media covering the event. Danson also demonstrated his news gathering prowess in news stories and features, and his analytical skills in his Power Play columns looking at China-US ties.

Danson is a well-rounded multimedia journalist and can tackle a wide range of topics, from China's domestic politics to global geopolitics, from tech to social issues, and from defense to the environment.

Recent works:

  1. Hu Jintao leaving CPC Congress: China’s ex-president Hu Jintao leaves stage unexpectedly at closing session of CPC congress
  1. Power transition in China: The 7 men who will rule China

Khairani Noordin, Assistant Editor, The Edge Singapore

Unpacking what’s credible about blockchain technology, the metaverse, and Web3 is a challenging exercise for any publication, let alone one that needs to speak to investors in Asia’s traditional finance sector. Khairani Noordin has done just that, carving out an important new beat for The Edge Singapore.

Khairani is a versatile journalist with a knack for storytelling. She reports in detail the latest market trends in wealth and asset management, and she explains developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency with the same rigour. Having worked in newsrooms on both sides of the Causeway, Khairani is adept at covering corporate and financial news for a wide range of audiences.

Recent works:

  1. Into the metaverse
  2. The great crypto pivot

Loh Pei Ying, Head and Co-founder, Kontinentalist

Loh Pei Ying and her team are pioneering new visual storytelling formats to unpack some of Southeast Asia's most complex stories. She leads the publication's content strategy, and has shaped the company's tone, voice, and approach to telling data-driven stories with empathy and nuance. Pei Ying is also the team's data viz editor. Her love for history informs her own stories, which focus on bringing out cultural nuances and how society inherits the systems of the past.

The interactive publication's visual-first approach to journalism is helping to bring readers closer to some of the most important developments in the region that may otherwise be seen as dry and go unnoticed. Started in 2017, Kontinentalist partners with organisations around the world to help them communicate better with the public, transforming their research into visually stunning and interactive essays.

Recent works:

  1. How attainable is the Singapore dream?
  2. Rubber, Race, and Colonial Exploitation

Lee Hee Ai, Editor, HeyKaki, Chinese Media Group (CMG), SPH Media

Hee Ai started as a print journalist working on court and crime news. Her passion for storytelling motivated her to embrace digital opportunities. From producing in-depth long form videos on pertinent social issues, Hee Ai has now progressed to heading “HeyKaki”, SPH Chinese Media Group's latest social media brand that focuses on attracting young audiences aged between 19 and 26.

Hee Ai’s work includes leading the team to experiment and produce various video formats like talk shows, challenges, and F&B recommendations that speak to the theme of adulting. HeyKaki has seen encouraging growth since it was launched in May 2022.

Recent works:

  1. “Slay It”《最强玩家》an eight-episode series which concluded on 14 April 2023.

    It was HeyKaki’s first foray into a variety style format pitting influencers and HeyKaki presenters (Hee Ai included) on heritage and culture challenges.

Telum Media - Singapore Press Club Rising Stars Young PR Professional Award   

This award recognises excellent young talent in the fields of public relations who have displayed exemplary media relations skills and exhibited professionalism and partnership in their work.

Two winners were presented with the awards.

Rachael De Foe, Managing Director and Founder, Redefy

Rachael De Foe is the Founder and Managing Director of the strategic communications firm, Redefy. With a knack for giving hard news heart, she has carved out a public relations niche across emerging sectors as diverse as spacetech, maritimetech, web3, and fintech. Rachael's approach has made Redefy an indispensable ally for any journalist, startup, or venture firm looking to tell Southeast Asia’s technology stories thoughtfully. Forbes Asia also honoured Rachael's entrepreneurial contributions to public relations by naming her a 30 Under 30 honouree, marking the first time a strategic communications practitioner has made the list.

Annabelle Lim, Senior Account Executive, BCW Global

Annabelle is an award-winning communications specialist, passionate about crafting stories that drive value and impact. As a Senior Account Executive at BCW, she leads and supports media relations and communications campaigns for key clients such as Accenture, Bloomberg, Dell, and Special Olympics Asia Pacific. In just 2.5 years, Annabelle has become a valuable team member, playing a significant role in driving success across the agency.

In 2021, Annabelle was named BCW SG’s Mover of the Year, recognising her as the highest performing member of the Singapore team. Annabelle went on to receive the Gold prize for BCW APAC's Rising People Mover of the Year in 2022. This APAC-wide award, open to all BCW staff members across the region's 19 offices, celebrates her exceptional contributions to the organisation.

CDL - Singapore Press Club Sustainability Journalism Award

This award recognises excellent sustainability journalism that has had a positive impact on public attitudes, behaviours and policies which further the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The recipient of this award has demonstrated commitment and passion to leave a better world for future generations.

Rachel Adrienne Kelly, Senior Presenter, Money FM 89.3

Rachel Adrienne Kelly's work highlights the impact of economics on sustainability - "money talks", because it moves the needle by providing resources for action. As a consistent and reputable voice in the field, she has championed the sustainability agenda both in and out of a strictly media setting. Her efforts to engage the public extend to volunteering with the Singapore Environment Council as well as speaking to polytechnic media students about how to improve their coverage. Rachel's dedication to these issues has earned her no small amount of influence.

Rachel has produced and presented Eco Money since joining Money FM 89.3 in 2020. She pioneered and evolved the segment, which armed listeners with the 101 of sustainable finance, to give them better insight and understanding of green finance products and their relevance so they can make a difference through their investments.

Recent works:

Eco Money: Opportunities for Private Banks in Asia to Deliver Impactful Change. Rachel Kelly speaks to Akshat Garg, Assistant Vice President, Asia Sustainable Finance, at WWF Singapore to get the details.

Eco Money: Preserving tradition and weaving sustainability into business. Eco Money Host, Rachel Kelly, speaks to Curtis Chin, Chair, Milken Institute Asia Centre, about his recent trip to Sarawak to visit traditional weavers and the business opportunities of preserving tradition and thinking sustainably.


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