A Singapore Press Club members movie night Jimami Tofu on 13th March 2019

Jimami Tofu is a must watch for foodies and movie buffs! Ten members from the Singapore Press Club watched this movie together.

We especially loved the dialogues revolving around food throughout the movie which were intertwined with the beautiful Japanese culinary artistry.

We were enriched by the history of Okinawa which was weaved into the story. The deep-sea diving scenes were also captivating

The movie has a dash of everything: father-daughter issues, childhood friendships, “sisterly” love, a love triangle and unrequited love.

It gave us an insight into the Okinawan dialect, its culture and history along with gorgeous panoramic scenes.

And…OMG! Diving in Okinawa should be on every diver’s bucket list!

The film’s makers Jason Chan and Christian Lee, who also acted in the film, gave an introduction to the script and production journey, an extra dimension for those who attended the movie.

A shot of the Singapore Press Club members along with Jason Chan and Christian Lee.