Dear Member

Many thanks to members who attended our AGM on March 30. We are glad to report that our new Constitution has been finally approved by our members and endorsed by the Registrar of Societies.

Our new constitution provides for new, higher membership fees and new membership classes, and allows for changes to be made from time to time, on the recommendation of the Management Committee (MC).

While the Constitution is effective from March 31, 2017, the members agreed that the MC may delay the increments for the time being as part of the Club’s membership drive. The MC has decided to make the new rates effective from June 1, 2017.

So, current members can renew their memberships at  the old rates for renewal if they do so before  June 1.

Memberships that expire in 2017 are eligible for renewal at the current rates if renewal applications are received before June 1.

As an additional benefit, current members are also encouraged to renew their memberships for up to 3 years at the old rates.

New members who apply before June 1 will also be eligible for membership at the old rates. Please do encourage your colleagues who are not yet members to sign up.

The old rates (per year) that will prevail until May 31, 2017:
Regular: $30
Associate: $100
Corporate: $100
Life (Regular) one-time: $400
Life (Associate) one-time: $1,000

The new  rates (per year) that will kick in from June 1, 2017:
Regular: $50
Associate: $150

Corporate : $1,000 (one time payment). The first 3 corporate members: $200 each; additional fourth and subsequent corporate member: $250 each.
Social: $100
Life (Regular): one-time $600
Life (Associate): one-time $1,500
Student : $40

Here is the link to membership rates

Best regards
The Secretariat
Singapore Press Club


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