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By Eugene Ehrlich

Adjectives have lengthy suffered from undesirable press. for a few years, English academics were keen on telling scholars that "adjectives are the enemy of nouns, and adverbs are the enemy of every little thing else."

While it really is nonetheless a good option to heed your English teacher's suggestion on so much different concerns, The hugely Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the terribly Literate proves that breaking sure ideas could make written and spoken language that a lot livelier, including much-needed colour, variety, and adornment. With this addition to the preferred Highly Selective sequence, the "golden" adjective, finally, will get the celebrity remedy it merits. From adventitious to zaftig, popular lexicographer Eugene Ehrlich has accrued greater than 850 of the main fascinating and interesting adjectives within the English language and has supplied concise definitions and instructive utilization examples. even if you are a author, a speaker, or a be aware buff, this compendious, trenchant, laudable, and all-around fantabulous quantity can help you set panache again into your prose.

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I quickly discovered it rather effortless to provide a laudatory speech introducing my pal, as he's a guy I a lot appreciate. ” similar observe: laudatorily (law-de-TOR-i-lee) adverb. leonine (LEE-e-nin) From Latin leoninus, that means “lionlike. ” lionlike; similar to or suggestive of a lion. “The previous senator along with his leonine visual appeal and booming voice simply commanded the eye of Washington newshounds and contributors of the home of Representatives. ” libidinous (li-BID-n-es) From Latin libidinosis, that means “willful, arbitrary; sensual, lustful”; from libido, that means “lust,” + -osus, that means “full of. ” additionally given as libidinal (li-BID-n-el). lustful, lewd, lecherous, lascivious. 134 / Licentious Golden Adjectives “An aged, libidinous gentleman nowadays is frequently known as a filthy outdated guy. ” similar phrases: libido (li-BEE-doh) and libidinousness (li-BID-nes-nis) either nouns; libidinally (li-BID-n-e-lee) and libidinously (liBID-n-es-lee) either adverbs. licentious (li-SEN-shes) From Latin licentiosus, that means “unrestrained,” from licentia, that means “license. ” sexually unrestrained; immoral, lawless; lascivious, libertine. “Greek-letter fraternities on a few campuses offer beer, whiskey, foodstuff, ladies, and venues for licentious events. ” similar phrases: licentiously (li-SEN-shes-lee) adverb; licentiousness (li-SEN-shes-nis) noun. licit (LIS-it) From Latin licitus, that means “lawful,” previous participle of infinitive licere, which means “it is authorized or it really is lawful. ” allowable, permissible; lawful. “People being what they're, the adjective illicit is much better identified than licit, and much extra beneficial. ” comparable be aware: licitly (LIS-it-lee) adverb. light-fingered (lit-FING-gerd) From recognized English gentle, and fingered, which means “having fingers. ” thieving; expert at picking out wallet and shoplifting. “We often may you'll want to lock the silver while my father’s light-fingered affiliate got here to the home. ” similar be aware: light-fingeredness (lit-FING-gerd-nis) noun. Lilliputian (lil-i-PYOO-shen) From Lilliput, the identify of the tiny humans of an imaginary state in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. 1. of people: diminutive, super small. “It didn't input her brain for a second that her Lilliputian husband-to-be used to be a minimum of six inches shorter than she. ” 2. of worldly concerns: petty; trivial. Golden Adjectives Lissome / one hundred thirty five “When Joan finally had time to prevent and imagine, she discovered her section of the property was once Lilliputian and may pay for a month’s provide of first-class postage stamps. ” lily-livered (LIL-ee-LIV-erd) From recognized English lily and liver + -ed, permitting livered to operate as a previous participle. An outdated superstition had it coward’s liver contained no blood, so someone acknowledged to be cowardly used to be thought of lily-livered. pusillanimous; missing in braveness. “Most humans have been terrified of me while i used to be a tender guy, yet I knew i used to be lily-livered and used to be thankful that nobody challenged me. ” limpid (LIM-pid) From Latin limpidus, which means “clear. ” a type of amazing phrases telling us every little thing is A-OK.

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