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An up to date compilation of the improvement of non-teleost fishes has to this point been unavailable. those fishes contain the jawless fishes (hagfish and lampreys), the cartilaginous fishes (sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras), the forerunners of the teleostei: the cladistia (bichirs and reedfish), the chondrostei (sturgeon and paddlefish, the neopterygii (gar pike and bowfin), and, ultimately, the nearest kin to the tetrapods: the lungfishes (the coelacanh [�living fossil�], Protopterus of Africa, Lepidosiren of South the USA and Neoceratodus of Australia). consequently, the current quantity has been dedicated to remaining the space through an up to date clinical evaluation of the early life-history of those non-teleost fishes (agnathi excepted).

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